Eliminating Pests in Your Bathroom

You’ve got to know that no room is safe when it comes to dealing with pesky bugs and pest control. Usually, pests are found in the kitchen. However, they can also be found in your bathroom. It can be annoying to deal with it when this type of case happens.

Because of that, you have to be prepared to deal with possible insect infestation in your restroom, from sewer flies to black bugs and cockroaches.  

Aside from hiring a professional pest control Memphis company, here are several ways to get rid of insects in your bathroom. 

Regularly Clean Your Bathroom 

Moisture isn’t the only thing that can attract pests in your bathroom. Ants and cockroaches, in general, are attracted to general lack of cleanliness, filth, and garbage. These elements offer an excellent environment for said insects since they can possibly look for shelter and food in messy places. Everything the pests need can be present within your bathroom, along with its moist surroundings.  

When it comes to cleaning, diligence is required. This will help you ensure your bathroom is insect-free. 

Fix Plumbing and Drain Problems 

Though your drain isn’t really an entry point, it can still function as one if there are leaky or broken pipes that stay in your drainage system. Keep in mind that water and moisture are extremely appealing to pests. That’s why pipes become possible breeding grounds for particular pests whenever water isn’t passing through it. At a particular point, they can pass through your sink or shower’s drain eventually and wreak havoc. 

If you hire a plumber to check your pipes, you can prevent this issue. You need to have them quickly resolved if there are issues. In addition to that, another excellent preventive measure is to put a cover on your shower drain. 

Look for and Seal Cracks and Other Entry Points 

If there aren’t any entry points for the pests to enter through, they will not be able to get into your home. In terms of your restroom, the most obvious entry points are the windows and doors. The possibilities of pests getting in increases if you leave them open. Each time you utilize your bathroom, you should always be cautious and you shouldn’t leave entry points open.  

In addition to that, there are also situations where you still find pests coming in even if you close everything. Closely check the windows and doors whenever this occurs. It can be possible that there are tiny crevices and cracks that allow insects to come in.  

Lower Moisture 

As mentioned earlier, moisture attracts pests. To regulate properly their body temperatures, pests also need a particular amount of moisture. That’s why you can find pests in your house. Your home has the best moisture level that can support them.  

Because of this, you have to take care of your bathroom since it is the moistest part of your home. It can lead to pests creeping around if you don’t lower the moisture level in your bathroom. You can do this by opening air vents while you are showering.